Dadi’s Message

As I slept in my room and then sat outside the room window waiting for my Dadi’s  (90 yrs old) portal to fully open she transitioned some of the things she learnt in the years of cleansing   and chanting to me. She explained that the strength of the portal (doorway) to the other dimension depends on the power sources on either side. The power sources are or could be past and current people, animals, plants etc all species that belong or have belonged to the living that were in contact with us at some point. A lot is up to the summation of the will of these current beings and had been that determine the strength of the portal and ease of exchange.

This portal or doorway thru which this transition of the soul happens opens many times in ones lifetime or perhaps is always open. Just the strength varies. During the lifetime of a person via this portal one exchanges information thru (for lack of a better term) parts of the soul exchanging with the connections on the other side.

If we could quantify soul then we could say that the major transition happens in the last 5 mins they say. But time and quantity is just relevant on one side of the portal and probably the exchange is always happening just the intensity differs at different times.

When we say and believe that our long gone ancestors are helping us in a situation it is via this portal and exchange. That is perhaps the reason why most people put pictures of their gone ancestors at their place of work. It is mostly at work (and work problems) I guess where we think we need guidance from our experienced ancestors who probably were in the same trade as us.

With this exchange that happens we also get a lot of the ailments and negatives with the positives of our ancestors. Modern-day science calls it genetics. There are methods to avoid that.  Flowers, candles and incensed sticks are used in front and around our ancestors and deities pictures to filter out the negatives while this exchange happens and once the flowers have absorbed these they die and are dropped in a holy flowing river and returned to the source.

My Dadi follows all these practices and only now I understood why.  Sometimes the simplest things take a lifetime to understand and none of this was explained by her verbally to me yet she passed it down generations.

Our scriptures talk about learned rishi munis who had the widest bandwidth and the most connectivity and could fly and make things happen by tapping other dimensions. They lived a life of imparting knowledge with minimalistic needs. They and their ancestors had given so much knowledge to the world that in many cases their portal was so strong that it would even pass mater through and their body would cross over and be replaced with flowers after they died. Imagine their interdimentional networking skills by having a multidimensional Facebook or Twitter with millions of friends and followers.

I just wish our ancestors had an easier way to explain things to us – may be they do – only if we’d listen. My dad had a major exchange a few years ago with his dad. A lot of his dads (my grandfathers) wishes that my dad sells all the family businesses and channelizes all of that into shaping other things (including me and others 🙂 and creating trees and plants. A part of my grandfather’s nature got prioritized in my dad. Unfortunately with this exchange also came the heart attack my grandfather got. Now I understand Dads urge to push the organic farms work. Perhaps if we were just more connected all the time by chanting, dancing , teaching, playing with our dog, kids, watering plants or doing any repetitive activity that gave  us the same happiness every time and prioritized that with our current connections, our connections on the other side of the portal wouldn’t be so harsh on us 🙂

One of my favorite prayers:

To the supreme god, guardian and healing angels, spiritual helpers and teachers

To the great karmic board

Please forgive me for what I have knowingly and unknowingly done wrong to others and their families in my past and present life

And please forgive others for what they have knowingly and unknowingly done wrong to me and my family in their past and present life.

Please cast out all doubts and fears from inside us

I am forgiving and forgetting x 3

I consciously accept this manifest

Thank you

I am that I am … So hum
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
I am the light of violet fire
I am the purity god desires1-pp