This year, I didn’t make any new year resolutions. But, I did make a friend. Meet my newest buddy, Mr. Cat, PO Box Baga Beach, c/o Lucky Shack. I ran into this furry friend while I was navigating through my lunch and inbox and phone calls on the beach. It was such a friendly soul that he jumped right up on to my lap. I just had to pat my thigh! A few meows later, I think we both knew that we were mates.


As it joined my table, a few eyebrows, both Indian and Australian, were raised. The children were kind enough to squeal. I think I caused even more panic when I ordered a plate of Tiger Prawns for Mr. Cat as a sign of our semi-eternal friendship. In fact, my waiter was visibly worried.


Our happy afternoon had a slight turbulence after the arrival of Mr. Doggie, who wasn’t too pleased with the sight. I watched them exchange angry stares at each other for a few minutes till territorial limitations, I believe that’s what they must have discussed, were clearly established, and Mr. Cat licked his plate clean in peace, instead of pieces! Just kidding.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t manage a selfie together, but, hey, what’s a selfie when you got quality time.